Dazoforce for all your Mining, Construction and Maintenance products and services needs.

Dazoforce is committed to the principle that safety is an integral part of a sound management system and must be achieved with high standards and service delivery excellence.

Who we are

Dazoforce Mining and Construction
is a B-BBEEcompany that strive tobe the Leading Construction and Empowerment Service Provider.

Offering Efficient, Effective and Quality Services
in the Mining and Engineering sector, Project Management and Development and Training.

Some of our current clients

*Pan African Resources
*Ningi Services
*El Jacko Projects


Dazoforce Main Products & Services

Supply Environmental Monitoring and Explosive Gas Detection IS and Non IS
Supply Motor Protection Relays and Advance Electro technical Designs.
Supply, Install, Operate and Maintain Conveyor Belts.
Supply of Conveyor Belt Arrestors.
Supply Flameproof and Non Flameproof Panels.
Supply All Conveyor Belt Material and Electrical Systems for Conveyor Belts
Supply Electrical and Mechanical Spares.
Construction of Underground Air Crossings.
Construction of Underground Water Dams and Water Pipelines.
Construction of Underground Seal walls.
Underground Roof Support.
Maintenance of Mining Machinery.